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Knotty Pine Game Calls is all about unique, distinctive, one of a kind calls that not only look good, but sound good. If you are shopping for the sportsman who already has it all or for something your buddies don't already have you have found the right spot! We are not about quantity; all of our calls are handcrafted one at a time to ensure that one of a kind look and quality you are looking for.

Our featured calls are made of stabilized (acrylic impregnated) Knotty Pine. "Knotty Pine" you ask?.... it is a unique, distinctive wood that will guarantee a one of a kind look every time. The stabilized wood results in a call that will withstand the elements and have improved sound quality. In addition, we make calls from both native and exotic hardwoods, stabilized or non-stabilized. We have a variety of insert styles to fit your needs. It all depends on the look and sound you are interested in. In addition to water fowl calls, we can also make predator calls, deer grunts, and crow calls. If you have another game call in mind, let us know and we will do our best to provide you with it.

Looking for something sentimental? What about that old log from your family farm? Or a barn beam from your grandfather's barn? Let us use your wood and turn it into a truly custom call that can be passed down for generations. Or let us build a barrel for an insert you already have for a "Man, where did you get that?" look. Contact us now and let us know what you have and what you're looking for. We are willing to discuss any ideas you have.

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